"Our objective is to make Information accessible to Specialists, as well as general groups of society- through effective deployment of ‘Information technology’ in Libraries–the epicenter of knowledge storage and dissemination".

“Softlink Asia” is a leading software company with diversified business activity. This includes the software development, complete library automation, web portal development etc. The company is associated with “Softlink International” the world leader in library software and having own establishment for more than Ten years with the goal to capture the Asian region of the globe.At present it has around 250 installations in India.Considering the global growth and the steadily growing clients, the company started its operation in Srilanka as “ Softlink Sri Lanka”. To keep pace, it has ventures to start various business activities in other SAARC Countries. Softlink Asia has installations in country like SriLanka, Bangaladesh ,Maldiev, Nepal and Pakistan. Its International association has around 17,000 installations all around the world and more than 80 Offices around the Globe.

The company’s products have been designed and developed in conjunction with professional librarians, set international benchmarks for functionality, efficiency and value. It has a worldwide acceptance and is currently being used all over the world. In this dynamic world of information it follows constant upgrading enabling to meet all kinds of requirements for all ranges of libraries

It provides a combination of ease of use and powerful search tools, allowing the right access to information, both physical and electronic, either within the organization or through the Web. 

Softlink’s Systems are configured around Microsoft industrial strength tools and technology, with the company designated as a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider.

To maintain its market leading position, the company is committed to an ongoing research and development program resulting in regular updates of its products, which are distributed to all supported users.

For Demonstration of the software on any suitable day, please feel free to contact us.